Notre Dame Cemetery of Springvale

The earliest person that is buried in the Notre Dame Cemetery had a head stone that only had a last name and dates on it. The person’s last name was Viens, and the individual died on August 28, 1884.

The Notre Dame Cemetery is located on approximately 14 acres of land off of Pine Street in Springvale. Since there are currently no street signs for any of the streets in the cemetery, we labeled each area according to where they are situated. For example, entering through the first gate, you would find the “Front Right” section on your right, and the “Middle” section on your left. If you keep going, you’ll reach the “Circle” area, or the round area. All of the areas are based upon entering through the first entrance.

Notre Dame Cemetery
Pine Street
Springvale Maine 04083
(207) 324-6040
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Cemetery Map - A map of the entire cemetery, showing sections & lots.

St Therese Brochure