Marriage Norms and Documents

Marriage Policy of the Diocese of Portland

Marriage Norms (2010)

Marriage Preparation Guidelines (2008)

Convalidation Guidelines (2010)

Dispensations and Permissions

Application Form


Premarital Investigation

Guide for Completing the Pre-Marital Investigation (PMI)

PMI Form


Wedding Guide for Out-of-State Clergy

This guide should be sent to a cleric in another diocese when he is preparing a couple intending to marry in the Diocese of Portland.

Sample Letter of Suitability for a Priest

This sample letter can be used by other dioceses and religious institutes when one of their priests intends to celebrate a wedding in the Diocese of Portland.

Petition for a Declaration of Nullity (Formal Case)

Appendix A: Explanations of the Grounds of Nullity (Formal Case)

Petition for a Declaration of Nullity Due to Lack of Form

Spanish Forms (Formas en Español)

Cuestionario Prematrimonial

Petición de Declaración de Nulidad

Apéndice A: Explicaciones de los Motivos de la Anulacion

Forms in other languages

The Tribunal also has forms available in additional languages. Please contact the Tribunal at 207-773-6471 to inquire about materials in other languages.

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