Pontifical Mission Societies


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The Pontifical Mission Societies are the official missionary arm of the Catholic Church. The four societies seek to bring Christ's word and works to all parts of the world, and they strive to raise mission awareness and raise money for the poorest mission churches.

The Pontifical Mission Societies U.S. have supported 26-million children in primary schools, 38,140 seminarians preparing for the priesthood, 258,540 religious sisters caring for children and families, 844,000 catechists teaching the faith, 11,480 clinics caring for the sick and dying, and 8,750 homes for orphaned children. Join in being a part of the pope's missions and making a difference in our world.

Society for the Propagation of the Faith

In response to Christ’s call to “go and teach all nations,” the Society for the Propagation of the Faith supports the pastoral and evangelization programs of missions around the world. The society's commitment is to arouse in the people of God a universal missionary spirit, reminding parishioners at the local church level that all are called to be missionary. [read more]

World Mission Sunday is the Society for the Propagation of the Faith's annual eucharistic celebration for the missions and missionaries of the world. This collection, held in October, is a global effort to help build up of churches in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and parts of Latin America and Europe.  

The Society of St. Peter the Apostle

The Society of St. Peter the Apostle helps to support religious vocations and seminaries around the world.  The society works to prepare young men and women to serve people in their own countries as religious sisters, brothers, or priests and also works to train catechists.  [read more]

The Missionary Union of Priests & Religious

The Missionary Union of Priests & Religious seeks to increase awareness of the Church’s worldwide mission among persons engaged in pastoral ministry, including priests, religious, and committed laity. This spiritual apostolate addresses itself to those called to bring Catholics to a better understanding of their baptismal responsibility for the Church’s missionary work. [read more]

Missionary Childhood Association

The goals of the Missionary Childhood Association are to meet the spiritual and material needs of all children so that they can live worthily as real children of God, to raise children's awareness of their neighbor's needs and teach them the value and power of solidarity and reciprocal support, and to make a missionary spirit germinate in children that will accompany them throughout their lives. MCA is the official children’s charitable organization of our diocese. [read more]

Mission News & Support:


The Pontifical Mission Societies has launched a convenient new way to have Mass offered for your private intention.  Anyone with access to the Internet will be able request a Mass for a deceased loved one and receive instant notification about the priest who has accepted to offer the intention, as well as the time and place that the Mass will be said. 

Making this possible is the MISSIO USA ChatBot (MissioBot) which is available via Facebook Messenger. You can easily send a Mass request from your desktop computer or smartphone.  The name and reason for the intention are relayed to a mission priest via this new digital platform, and when the priest acknowledges the request, it is communicated instantly to the person making the request. 

To get started, access the MISSIO USA ChatBot on Messenger at this link in English, and this link in Spanish. Once you find MISSIO USA on Messenger, you can also begin the process of requesting a Mass by typing “Mass” into the Messenger chat window.


You can read about some of the mission work being done around the world through the Pontifical Mission Societies and donate directly to the project of your choice, by visiting the MISSIO website.

Agenzia Fides (Fides News Agency) 

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith established Agenzia Fides (Fides News Agency) in 1927 to raise awareness of missions and promote missionary cooperation through vocations, spiritual communion, and material resources. [Read the latest mission news.]