Services for those with Disabilities

Programs of Catholic Charities Maine work with blind and visually impaired children as well as disabled individuals to provide them the support and services they need to live full, productive lives.

Services include direct instruction to blind/visually impaired children and consultation to parents and school personnel regarding the child's needs. They also include assisting persons recently discharged from the hospital, as well as the frail, elderly, and those living with disabilities and long-term illness.

Education Services for Blind & Visually Impaired Children

Education Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Children is a statewide service of Catholic Charities Maine providing assessment, instruction and consultation to blind and visually impaired children, their parents and school personnel.

Independent Support Services

For seniors and adults with physical disabilities, especially those on a limited income, being able to live at home is a blessing bu can also a challenge. Through its statewide Independent Support Services — also known as Homemaker Services — Catholic Charities Maine connects isolated seniors and physically disabled adults with a professionally supervised team of dedicated para-professionals who help with a variety of tasks from routine housekeeping to grocery shopping and laundry