The Safe Environment Program was implemented in the Portland Diocese in June of 2002. All clergy, employees and volunteers who work with children/youth on a regular basis must attend a Protecting God's Children training session which is a sexual abuse awareness and prevention program.

The three-hour course utilizes video tapes produced by Virtus, the program of the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. (www.virtus.org) which features true stories of both victims and sexual abusers. Supporting workbooks, which reinforce the information, complement the program and include guidelines on actions to take should abuse be suspected or reported.

If you need to attend a session of Protecting God's Children, please contact your Parish's Virtus Point Person. To see a schedule of future sessions please click on the Calendar Icon next to "Upcoming Training Sessions" below.

To date 21,106 individuals have attended the Protecting God's Children Program.

For further information:

Bob McDermott, Director of Safe Environment
510 Ocean Avenue
Portland, Maine 04103-4936
Phone 207-321-7809