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Roncalli Apartments
144 State Street, 04330
Tel. 512-4248
Site Manager: Mr. Michael Pease


St. Xavier Home
119 Somerset Street, 04401
Tel. 942-2108
Administration: C & C Realty Management, LLC


St. André Health Care Facility
407 Pool Street, 04005
Tel. 282-5171
Administrator: Andrea Otis-Higgins


St. Mary's Residences
100 Campus Avenue, 04240
Tel. 786-0062
Director: Larry Morin

St. Mary's d'Youville Pavilion
102 Campus Avenue, 04240
Tel. 777-4200
Vice President Elder Care Services: Philip Jean, MBA, CNHA, FACHCA


Deering Pavilion
880 Forest Avenue, 04103
Tel. 797-8777
Executive Director: Joanne Bean

St. Joseph's Rehabilitation & Residence
1133 Washington Avenue, 04103
Tel. 797-0600
Administrator: Peggy Farrington, MPH, MHA, CDP, CADDCT
Director of Clinical Services: Bonnie L. Smith, RN, BSN, MFA

St. Joseph Manor, Adult Day Care Center
1133 Washington Avenue, 04103
Tel. 797-0600
Program Director: Mrs. Jean Silva


Stella Maris House
148 Broadway, 04841
Tel. 594-2202


Mount St. Joseph Holistic Care Center
Highwood Street, 04901
Tel. 873-0705
Administrator: Sr. Claire Labbee

Saint Francis Apartments
Elm Street

Seton Village
1 Carver Street, 04901
Tel. 873-0178
Administrator: Mr. Harland Cooper