Circle of Grace Annual Parish Form

IMPORTANT NOTES  Circle of Grace

Complete annual training and submit form no later than February 1 each year.

  • Please complete all fields of this Circle of Grace form regarding all children/youth who are enrolled in a formal parish faith formation program. 
  • Every field below should have a "quantity." If there is no information for a particular field, please enter "0."
  • The final section of this form asks for numbers regarding traditionally home-schooled children/youth (Gr. K-12). If your parish does not have a group such as this (see definition below), please enter "0" in that field.


  • Trained:  All children/youth who completed the Circle of Grace training required by the Diocese. If Circle of Grace materials were sent to families for home use, only the children/youth whose parent/guardian provide a written verification of completion, via email or signed form/letter, are considered "trained" for reporting purposes. Please keep the signed verifications in a file for 3 years for the purpose of a safe environment audit.
  • Not Trained: This refers to a child/youth absent from a live training with a catechist (in-person or virtual) or a child/youth whose parent/guardian did not formally verfiy the Circle of Grace lesson was completed at home.
  • Opt-Outs: Though not encouraged, parents/guardians may choose for their child to opt-out of the parish's in-person, virtual, or at home Circle of Grace training. They must submit a completed/signed opt-out form to their parish leader. The forms need to account for all minor children/youth in the household. Parish leaders must submit these signed parent/guardian opt-out forms to the Diocesan Safe Environment Office and keep a copy in a parish file for 3 years for the purpose of a safe environment audit.
  • Traditionally Home-Schooled: Children/youth (Gr. K-12) who are at home full-time for all academic content areas such as math, science, social studies, languages, art, health, physical education, religion, who are not enrolled in a formal faith formation program in your parish. Only parents/guardians who have verified a Circle of Grace lesson at home will be counted in this report.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bob McDermott in the Safe Environment Office.

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