The Diocese of Portland believes a Catholic education should be available, accessible and affordable to any family that wants to provide their child with a quality education in a strong Catholic environment.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Portland deliver an exceptional education at low and affordable rates. The decision to enroll your child in a Catholic school, however, often also involves sacrifices on the part of every family. Ultimately, families who commit to Catholic education for their child do so because it is their priority to provide a learning community that supports the faith and values taught at home.

A variety of scholarship opportunities exist for families choosing a Maine Catholic school education for their child. In addition to diocesan scholarships, other types of scholarships and grants also are available, depending on the school or parish. Contact your Catholic elementary or high school for details about the scholarships they may have available to you. In addition, a parish may support a student with a parishioner rate of tuition or parish support.