Annulments and the Setting of Wedding Dates

Although the Tribunal works diligently to process every annulment case, “timely completion” is often contingent upon the cooperation (or lack thereof) by the parties and/or their witnesses, the completeness of the information provided, as well as the possibility of appeal.

The Office of the Bishop and the Tribunal Office of the Department of Canonical Services remind everyone that priests and other parish staff are not permitted to set or promise a wedding date (“not even penciling it in”) when one or both of the parties inquiring about marriage need an annulment. This policy is intended to respect the integrity of the annulment process. By doing so, everyone involved is asked neither to presume the outcome of the requested annulment(s) nor to predict the amount of time it will take to process the case(s).

For more information on or questions about:

  • The celebration of marriage or marriage dispensations, contact the Department for Canonical Services at 207-773-6471, ext. 7854.
  • The promotion and defense of marriage, contact Suzanne Lafreniere in the Office of Public Policy at the Chancery 207-773-6471, ext. 7834.