One of the greatest missions of the Church is to provide the hope of God’s everlasting love for us to others through prayer and service. God calls us in the Gospel to share his love with others: we are called to be his Church, sent forth as disciples of Jesus.

Each year, the Diocese of Portland has been blessed through the generosity of so many who come together to answer this call by supporting the annual Catholic Appeal. As a united community of faith, we are making a significant difference by supporting our youth and young people, those in need, the people in our parishes, our parishes and clergy, and the offices of ministries of our diocese that spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the work of the Church to the people of God.

United in Hope, we are reminded that it is only together, in the spirit of Christ, that the good works of our Church will continue. Together, we can put our faith into action. Together, we can do more than any single parish or person can do alone. Together, we will continue to provide the love and hope of our Lord to all who are served by the ministries and programs of our Church.

If you would like more information or need assistance, please call Samantha Harmon at 207-321-7835

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