Ongoing Ministerial Development & Resources: Sacraments and Liturgy

OLFF staff curated examples of webinars, articles, and books that may be helpful to those serving as catechetical or youth ministry leaders in parishes.

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Sacraments and Liturgy

Archdiocesan Forum for the RCIA

Archdiocese of Atlanta Website

Posts and articles by experienced practitioners in the implementation of the RCIA.

RCIA shifts and corrects our understanding


Nick Wagner briefly describes the history of Confirmation and why the restored order of baptism, confirmation then eucharist is so significant for Catholics. ttps://

Sensory Friendly Mass Resources

Archdiocese of Cincinnati webpage

Compilation of resources to help parishes welcome and embrace persons with disabilities as part of the worship community; awareness and accommodation ideas. Link.


Diana Macalintal & Nick Wagner

FREE online resource for Catholic parishes and dioceses that want to form Christians for life through catechumenal ministry.

USCCB: Prayer and Worship

USCCB Website

Hub for information and resources on Catholic beliefs and practices concerning prayer, sacraments, and liturgy.