Ongoing Ministerial Development & Resources: Teens

OLFF staff curated examples of webinars, articles, and books that may be helpful to those serving as catechetical or youth ministry leaders in parishes.

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Forming Teens

3 Focused + Effective Pastoral Care Strategies for Youth Struggling with Bullying, Depression, and LGBTQ issues 

Webinar from NFCYM

Tim Hogan suggests three simple strategies for pastoral care; shame reduction, conscience formation, and triage and referral. Through these strategies we can journey alongside hurting people and help them to receive the help they need while also helping them come to understand the truth of the Gospel.

Conversation with Youth about Boundaries: Part 1

Virtus Article

Information on how adults can begin conversations with youth about establishing and maintaining personal boundaries and safety principals needed to protect themselves

Faith Talk bookFaith Talk: Conversations That Matter with Youth

Book from St. Mary's Press

Dr. Bob McCarty provides a vision, a methodology, and practical tools to shift from focusing on telling young people what to believe, to instead focusing on accompanying young people on their faith journey, starting by deeply listening to young people’s experiences, their questions, and their concerns about life, spirituality, and the Church.

Helping Teens Lean into Stress

Webinar from Ave Maria Press

Stress and anxiety run rampant in our teens today.  Roy Petitfils explains why teens are so stressed these days and shares some strategies for easing that anxiety through a pastoral six step process

How to Form Saints, Not Just College Applicants

Webinar from Ave Maria Press

Teens today are being pushed harder than ever. Sure, it looks good on a college application but is the pursuit of the perfect GPA and a flawless resume worth all the stress? Dr. Leonardo Delorenzo reminds us we are called to be saints and that’s what really matters. He shares 4 habits that help cultivate and imitate sainthood.

VCat: Video Catechism for Teens

Videos with discussion guides from Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

Collection of original short videos related to the 4 pillars of the Catechism: Creed, Sacrament, Morality, and Prayer. Most have downloadable discussion guides.