Ongoing Ministerial Development & Resources: Discipleship & Evangelization

OLFF staff curated examples of webinars, articles, and books that may be helpful to those serving as catechetical or youth ministry leaders in parishes.

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Discipleship & Evangelization

Becoming an Everyday Disciple in a Post-Christian World (and helping others do it too)

Webinar from Ave Maria Press

Kevin Cotter explores what it means to be a disciple. Through a structure of wind (encounter), build (follow), send (vision, equip, disciple-making) he explains how to be a disciple who helps others realize and fulfill the Great Commission.

Religious Formation and Discipleship

Webinar from Paulist Evangelization Ministries

Fr. Frank Desiano proposes reinventing the model of parish religious education from something we do to something we encounter through steeping youth in Word, prayer, service and community

Recording not available.

The Witness Webinar: Learning to Tell Stories that Illuminate Our Life

Webinar from Ave Maria Press

Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo defines grace. He gives us a template for crafting, finding and sharing stories of grace. He shares 7 principles for crafting stories of grace rather than stories of absence.

The Synod on Young People: Why it Mattered and What We Do Now

Webinar from Ave Maria Press

Katie Prejean McGrady, a delegate from the Youth Synod discusses the major takeaways from the Youth Synod and how to proceed in ministry with young people using these findings. Link

Tips for Cultivating a Culture of Witness in your Parish

Webinar from Ave Maria Press

Sr. Theresa Rickard O.P.  shares why stories are an important part of witness, gives best practices for sharing your story, and ways to incorporate witness in parish settings. Link