Faith Formation Gatherings & Events

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The Office of Lifelong Faith Formation gathers people in a variety of ways to equip, train, and serve the mission of the Church and the parishes of the Diocese of Portland. 

Whether it's a training or a retreat or a liturgy, the purpose of all of our gatherings is to lead people closer to Christ and build up his Body, the Church.

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March 2023

March 18 - Men's Conference in Brunswick

March 16, 19, 20 - Evening for Catechists in Gorham, Caribou, and Waterville

March 27 - Monthly Leader Learning Session

April 2023

April 21-23 - Youth Convention in Portland

April 24 - Monthly Leader Learning Session

May 2023

May 6 - Women's Conference in Portland

May 15 - Monthly Leader Learning Session: Program Assessment and Evaluation

June 2023

June 17 - Silver and Gold Anniversary Mass in Old Town

June 18 - Neophyte Mass, Portland

June 26 - Monthly Leader Learning Session: Recruiting Volunteers

September 2023

September 17 - Catechetical Sunday “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened.”