Ongoing Ministerial Development & Resources: Families

OLFF staff curated examples of webinars, articles, and books that may be helpful to those serving as catechetical or youth ministry leaders in parishes.

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Partnering with Families

52 Sundays

Archdiocese of Detroit pdf

Guide to reclaiming every Sunday in 2020 for faith and family. Each week offers practical suggestions for keeping the Lord's Day.

Inspiring Stories of Catholic Saints for Married Couples

Agape Catholic Ministries eBook

27 stories of saintly role models for Catholic couples. Each is one page and includes a short prayer.

Marriage and Family

USCCB webpage

Hub for information and resources on Catholic beliefs and pastoral care concerning marriage and families

Praying with Families in the Classroom

Loyola Press blog post

Kathleen Butler shares ways to form children and families in prayer

Raising Chaste Children in a Pornographic World

USCCB & Covenant Eyes article

Ryan Foley offers five steps parents can take to raise chaste children in a pornographic world

Strong Catholic Family Faith

Website - Staff from Dioceses of Jefferson City MO, San Jose CA, St Petersburg FL, & Joliet IL

Curated website that  provides parish and school leaders with high quality resources to build strong Catholic families

Tools for Parents in the Internet Age

Diocese of Lincoln Family Life Office website

Videos, podcasts, blogposts, and links to assist parents in building up family life by protecting against pornography exposure and educating children in the truth, beauty, and goodness of God's plan for human sexuality.

Youth Ministry and Parents; Secrets for a Successful Partnership

St. Mary's Press book

This book shifts the perspective from parents as a source of conflict to a partnership. Kehrwald introduces the internal Walkman to help illustrate family life.