Courage Ministry

Ample evidence confirms that persons with homosexual inclinations have always been among us. However, up until recent times, the Church’s outreach and ministry has been limited or informal, especially by way of support groups or providing information for such persons who desire to live a chaste life.

Therefore, most who struggle with same-sex attraction have had to navigate their way through a complex maze of emotions and issues to work out a path on their own. As a result, such persons have sometimes found themselves listening to and embracing secular perspectives on the matter. This often results in added confusion as they try to live faithfully the Church’s teachings regarding human sexuality and chaste living.

Courage ministry logoCourage, a Roman Catholic apostolate, is a response to the need to help individuals who are dealing with same-sex attractions come to experience the freedom of interior chastity. This freedom enables one to embrace a pathway that leads to living a full Christian life in communion with God.

With the endorsement of the Holy See, Courage strives to help individuals gain a greater understanding of church teachings, particularly in the area of chastity where one is invited to embrace a life of peace and grace as a means to grow in Christian maturity. To this end, Courage has become a mainstream Catholic apostolate helping thousands of men and women find peace through prayer, fellowship, and the sacraments.

For those in need of guidance and direction, the Diocese of Portland encourages individuals to visit the Courage website to gain more information about its mission and to make contact with someone who can help you.

May our merciful God bless abundantly with courage and strength, all persons who desire and strive to live with fidelity the Lord’s gift of sexuality, being able to journey forward in search of peace and joy.