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Finding great joy in the priesthood

After overcoming times of doubt during his discernment journey, Father Alexander Boucher says he is excited and full of joy to now be a priest of the Diocese of Portland. [Read the story.]

A gift of faith from a WWII foxhole

A poem written on the battlefield of Anzio-Nettuno, Italy, is a testament to a Lewiston soldier’s faith and is among the treasures being preserved and shared by his nephew, Deacon Denis Mailhot. [Read the story.]


A plea to choose life

Three men are the driving forces behind a proposed pro-life license plate, which they believe will deliver a moving message. [Read the story.]

Confronting COVID-19 with mercy and love

While most stayed home during the early peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, health-care workers and staff at Northern Light Mercy Hospital in Portland were hard at work, strategizing how to battle an illness they knew little about. [Read the story.]

A welcoming presence at All Saints Catholic School

Cecile Beaulieu has been welcoming Catholic school students in Bangor for more than four decades and says she still looks forward to going to work every day. [Read the story.]

2020 November / December

Finding great joy in the priesthood

A gift of faith from a WWII foxhole

A plea to choose life

Confronting COVID-19 with mercy and love

A welcoming presence at All Saints Catholic School

2020 September / October

Planting seeds for the future

A teen finds her true identity in Christ

For new Catholics, receiving the sacraments is worth the wait

Living by the Golden Rule

Rallying together to pray the Rosary

Youth leader looks to inspire others

2020 July / August

Responding with faith on the front lines

Feeding the hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preparing in a new way for a sacramental marriage

Teen finds strength in Christ during the COVID-19 pandemic

Home again - Parishioners return to Mass 

St. Brigid students thank frontline workers

2020 May / June

My Catholic education helped me become who I am

Serving the sick with courage and faith

Connecting with Christ during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nor'easter Catholic: A lifeline in a storm of secularism

'All right, God, you've got me.'

Amirault Scholarships awarded to two students guided by their Catholic values

2020 March / April

Hope blooms in Rose's Room

Bringing people with autism closer to Christ

Sisterly relationship brings gifts to parishes in Maine and Haiti

Celebrating an extraordinary life

An art for teaching

The Attic achieves lofty goals

2020 January / February

Sharing a love for learning and a love for God

A new day for the Greenville Knights

A model of Christ the servant

Supporting seniors in need of a lift

St. James Solar Bears roll in state finals

2019 November / December

Keeping Christ close for 100 years

A key contributor for 50 years

A history of brotherhood and service

Sharing decades for decades

A welcoming presence in Windham

2019 September / October

'My faith brings me joy.'

Letting God be his guide

Serving up Theology in the County

Shop offers gifts of faith

A bridge to the refugee community

Flipping flapjacks for Freeport's Fourth

2019 July / August

Raising a family in faith

A tailor-made ministry Downeast

A circle of charity

Carrying on a Passamaquoddy Good Friday tradition

Restoring a beuatiful gift

2019 May / June

Dixie's Drive to Feed the County

Catholic school teacher answers an invitation from God

New ministry seeks to open hearts and doors

An imaginative marketplace for emerging entreprenaurs

Making connections at the Cross Café

Ministering with joy at St. Joseph's College

2019 March / April

Bearing Witness to the Love of God

Bishop celebrates five years of shepherding Maine's flock

The McAuley Residence: A model to follow

A drive to rebuild God's Church

Providing families promise for the future

A life dedicated to healing and service

2019 January / February

An unexpected gift of life and love

A mission of Mercy and hope in Haiti

Teacher of the Year honored for her commitment and creativity

Parishioners embrace a shared mission

Parishioners step up to provide new sneakers to students

2018 November / December

Giving rise to hope

Saying goodbye to a 'powerhouse of prayer'

Providing an avenue out of addiction

Deacon of the Year honored for his selfless service

Celebrating 50 years of joy-filled service

2018 September / October

"I know God has a plan for me."

Glorifying God through sacred music

Staying steadfast in faith through life's struggles

Teens prove they're up to the task during LOYO camp

Theology at Tim's has faith brewing

Totus Tuus helps youths discover the gift of belonging to God

Middle schooler pens Fatima play

2018 July / August

Two Paths Lead to the Priesthood

A ministry of mercy behind bars

'House of Comfort is a gift for Aroostook County

All for God

Youth ministers keep a cross-county connection

Embracing a commitment to a life of service

Decades of dedication to a melodic ministry

2018 May / June

The beginning of a new century of faith

Creating a PATH out of homelessness

Parishes seek to lift up their communities

Development center nurtures children, while supporting families

Serving the Lord in the Sebago Lakes Region

Choir members preserve their heritage while praising God

Students show concern for our common home

2018 March / April

Finding a home in the Catholic Church

Junior chaplains lead the way

Forming families in faith

V Encuentro: A call to reach out to the Hispanic / Latino community

Born to be a deacon

2018 January / February

A march that changed a life

Teacher of the Year honored for her passion and dedication

Coming home to answer Christ's call

Serving Christ in the County

2017 November / December

Ordained to a ministry of joy

Soaring in faith following a devastating crash

Mercy is forever her song

Celebrating a century of excellence

Carrying on a legacy of Mercy

2017 September / October

St. André Home: Serving Women & Children in Need

Surrendering to the Will of God

Walking in the footsteps of a martyr

A fresh approach to learning about food security

A garden grown for sharing

2017 July August

Sibling Servants

Making Music, Praying Twice

Brightening Days with a Visit and a Smile

Couples Unite in a Journey of Faith

Volunteers turn Secondhand into First Rate

2017 May / June

Called to be Leaders

Serving Seniors through Compassion and Companionship

A Down East Mission to Teach the Faith

Spreading the Joy of Love

Peace, Love, and Potluck!

2017 March / April

Cheerleaders for Marriage

Touching Hearts and Changing Lives

A Positive Prognosis

STREAM Allows Creativity to Flow

2017 January / February

Helping the Homeless to Help Themselves

Living Out a Vocation of Service

Keeping the Faith: From Youth Ministry to Campus Ministry

Preserving a Church, Piece by Piece

Building a Home Upon Faith

2016 November / December

Catholic Charities: Providing Help & Hope for 50 Years

A Journey from Physics to Faith

The African Express: A Special Delivery for a Cameroon Hospital

Doing Small Things with Great Love

Remembering a Great Shepherd

2016 September / October

Carrying on a Legacy of Faith

Creating a Place of Peace and Prayer

World Youth Day: A Celebration of Hope

A Pilgrimage of Faith and Trust

Beginning a New Century of Faith

2016 July / August

I've never been happier!

Together with Alzheimer's

A Garden Grown for Sharing

Serving to Stretch Dollars

2016 May / June

Guiding the Way Forward

Students to Sisters: An Hour of Love

A Family's Second Home

A Ministry Blanketed in Warmth

2016 March / April

Serving wherever there has been a need

Hospice: An End-of-Life Journey

A Residence with a Heart

The Doors of Mercy are Open

2016 January / February

Healing the body, mind, and spirit

Guiding the Way to Christ

Immersed in Christ's Love

Answering the Call to Serve

Crusading for Peace and Justice

2015 November / December

A Mission of Love

That Man is You!

Living a Love Story

100 Years of God's Blessings

2015 September / October

A Daughter of God

Nurturing a Palette of Potential

Following Mary to her Son

A Legacy of Compassionate Care

2015 July / August

"This is where the Lord wants me."

A Peaceful Presence

Serving in the spirit of Saint Ignatius

Living for Christ in the World

2015 May / June

Bringing Christ into Focus on Campus

Supporting Seniors through Conversation and Caring

A Diamond of a Daughter

Partners in Service

2015 March / April

All in the Family at All Saints

Providing Peer Presence

Benefitting from a Developing Partnership

Serving and Studying the Ursuline Way

2015 January / February

My Sister's Keeper

150 Years of Walking Among Us

Parenting and the Power of Play

Igniting the Flames of Faith

Annulments: A Door to Healing

2014 November / December

Leilani's Legacy

A Gift of the Heart

A Dream of Faith

Churches United in Love

2014 September / October

"There is Always Time for God."

A Ray of Sunshine

Serving in the Spirit of Catherine McAuley

Focus on Francis: Ten Lessons for Pastoral Leaders

2014 July / August

Finding Peace in the Priesthood

Still Climbing Mountains

A Display of Faith

The Canonizations of Two Men of Courage

2014 May/June

"Be Extraordinary: An Invitation to Get to Know Jesus."

A Love for God and Learning

A Chance to Get Acquainted

Focus on Francis: "Preach the Gospel Always, If Necessary Use Words."

2014 March/April

"We Have a New Shepherd"

A Spirit of Joy

"We Have Our Church"

Focus on Francis: Pilgrimage to Assisi

2014 January/February

On a Mission to Maine

The Way We Grow

Continuing to Serve 125 Years Later

Focus on Francis: A Shared Vision for Rebuilding the Church

2013 November/December

Providing help and creating hope

Rebuilding stories, reshaping lives

A neighborhood church closes

2013 September/October

Excited to be Catholic!

Planting Seeds for the Future

A Community’s Groundbreaking Achievement