Advertising in Harvest

What do readers say?           

"Congratulations on an excellent, interesting, and informative magazine … I feel your magazine will bring unity throughout the diocese."

"Harvest is a wonderful magazine for our diocese."

"It was truly inspiring."

"We are pleased and impressed with Harvest and thankful for being on the mailing list."

Our survey says:

98% - Find the magazine attractive.

94% - Have read the most recent issue of the magazine.

91% - Makes me feel more connected to my Catholic faith.

87% - Improves my understanding of the mission and teaching of the Church.

Space and Copy Deadlines

January/February Issue - Ads due second Tuesday in November

March /April Issue - Ads due second Tuesday in January

May/ June - Ads due second Tuesday in March

July/August - Ads due second Tuesday in May

September/October - Ads Due second Tuesday in July

November/December - Ads due second Tuesday in September

All ads are full color, and we offer design help if you need it!

Ad specifications

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For more information: 

Ms. Marge Oliveri at [email protected] or 508-320-3498.

You can also contact the Harvest office at 207-773-6471 or [email protected].