Support the people of Ukraine

More than two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the war has created an extraordinary refugee and displacement crisis. According to the United Nations, there are nearly 3.7 million internally displaced people in Ukraine, another 6.5 million refugees who have left the country and approximately 14.6 million in need of humanitarian assistance inside Ukraine. (UNHCR Feb. 2024)

Catholic Relief Services

CRS works with its church partners in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Georgia and Greece. Since the war began, humanitarian assistance has reached more than 1.4 million people with shelter, food and mental health support. This response is possible because of the strong network and presence of Catholic churches and partner organizations in the region.

“Whenever there is a crisis, no matter how big or small, the church is there, ready to support people when they need it,” Davide Bernocchi, CRS’ country representative for Moldova and Ukraine, said. “They are already in these communities and are trusted. People know they can turn to them for a place to stay or a hot meal."

Please consider helping CRS and its partner churches and organizations, as they continue to work to help the people or Ukraine, both those within the country and those living outside of it. [Donate here]

Pontifical Mission Societies

The destruction caused by days of ongoing blasts in Ukraine has left people homeless, fleeing as refugees to other countries for shelter, or seeking safety in underground subways and hospital basements. There is a growing and urgent need for food, and other basic aid. Through the Pontifical Mission Societies, you can support the priests, Religious Sisters and Brothers, and lay pastoral leaders who are reaching out to those who are suffering and in need with concrete help, and with that help, offering hope [Donate here]

Knights of Columbus Solidarity Fund

Working with Knights of Columbus councils in Poland, as well as with the Latin and Greek Catholic churches in Ukraine, the Knights have been providing temporary shelter, food, clothing, medical attention, and other support to the thousands of Ukrainian refugees. One-hundred percent of donations received go directly to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine. You can make a donation here.

*Photo credit: CRS photo from Philipp Spalek/Caritas Germany