Sister Jacqueline Bilodeau, SCIM

Sister Jacqueline Bilodeau, SCIM, age 93, passed away on Friday, January 20, 2017, at Saint Joseph Convent in Biddeford.

Sister Jackie, formerly known as Sister Mary of the Holy Rosary, was the oldest of seven children born to Rosario Bilodeau and Augustine Cadrin Bilodeau. Although born in the U.S., Sister’s family moved to Canada when she was young, and she was raised there.

Sister Jacqueline entered the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also known as the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec, at their Novitiate in Quebec on February 2, l942.  She returned to minister in the United States soon after her initial formation years.  From 1948 to 1977, Sister worked as food service director at Bay View and in several of the sisters’ community kitchens.  She also did parish ministry in Old Town from 1984-1987.  She was then employed at St. Andre Health Care Facility in 1987-88.  She also held administrative positions in several local convents.  Sister was a member of the Spiritual Renewal Team and a member of the Provincial Council for nine years.  In 1997, she was transferred to St. Joseph Convent in Biddeford, There, she served as animator at the Good Shepherd Pavilion and as an extraordinary minister of holy Communion to the homebound of St. Joseph Parish in Biddeford.

She is survived by a sister, Marguerite, and three brothers, Charles, Rosaire and Yvon Bilodeau, all residing in Canada.

Please pray for the repose of Sr. Jackie’s soul, and for the consolation of those she leaves behind, both natural and religious families and friends.

May her soul and the soul of the all the faithful departed rest in peace.  Amen