Statement from Bishop Robert Deeley in response to the Lewiston shootings

It is with profound sadness that I received the news of the mass shooting in Lewiston. It is heartbreaking to hear of lives lost and many injured and to know of the pain and grief that so many families are experiencing. We pray for all those impacted by this terrible violence, that the Lord may provide them with consolation in the midst of their sorrow. In this moment of trial and uncertainty, let us raise up our prayers, asking God to give strength to them and to our community now and in the coming days, and we ask him to protect our law enforcement officers as they seek to prevent further harm. Pray also for our hospital personnel and chaplains who are caring for the injured.

While it may seem impossible to find hope in a time such as this, we can draw hope from our spiritual roots, trusting that a loving God will not abandon us. As we pray to him in our various ways, may he strengthen us and show us the way forward during the difficult days that lie ahead.