A Mother’s Day Weekend Message from Bishop Robert Deeley

This weekend, we honor our mothers. This year, it seems particularly appropriate as we marvel at the extraordinary effort that mothers have taken in this present coronavirus crisis. They have become 24/7 caregivers, organizers, and administrators of families and homes. They make sure that one of their children gets connected with a Zoom class while themselves being present at a work conference. And then there is the kitchen and the three meals a day to prepare. What we ask of mothers is heroic. Today, we can express our thanks to all of them including the adoptive moms, the foster moms, the grandmothers, and all those women who, by their care for others, help mothers in caring for their children and families. It is a lot to honor in a single day.

I have always found it fitting that Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, the month of Mary, Mother of God, whose divine motherhood begins in her consent to God’s invitation to become the mother of Jesus, and also to all of his brothers and sisters in faith. In life, Mary knew in her heart that only in reflection, in prayer, in conversation with the God who had asked her to be the mother of his child, would she be able to carry on her mission to be faithful to what she had been called.

We give thanks for the blessing in our lives of our mothers who, like Mary, have been faithful to their own calling of caring for us with the deepest love. A mother’s love, like all love, is of God. It models unselfish love and it is grounded in mercy and forgiveness. In their way of loving, mothers show their children what God’s love is like.

Take a moment this weekend to say thank you to the woman in your life who loves you in that special way that only mothers do. Give thanks to God for the blessing she is to your life. Or, if your mother is deceased, take a moment, as I will, to remember gratefully the woman who gave you life, formed you, and nurtured you in faith with love. Say a prayer for her and give thanks for the generosity of her life. Pray as well, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, that the beauty and sacrifice of a mother’s love might be at the heart of the life of the Church and the respect and care we give to one another. Happy Mother’s Day!