A Message for Fathers' Day from Bishop Deeley

Happy Fathers’ Day! Today is a day to be grateful for the gift of life, and for the man who did his best to show us love and helped us to learn how to live. What a blessing! The warm smile on Dad’s face when we first were able to ride a bicycle, or complete the test for a driver’s license, or earn our first paycheck, are memories to be treasured, and a testament to the self-giving love of a father. He takes pride in what his child accomplishes. A father’s love gives us security and safety. Dads are works in progress, and we pray, saints in the making. But they have taught us persistence and perseverance, and, with their encouragement, we find ourselves more ready for life than we would be on our own. So, today we give thanks for them. We give thanks for their best efforts and their confidence in us, their children.

As we honor them, we also pray for them. Their example is central to their children’s appreciation of faith. As one study has pointed out, “Only 2% of kids whose fathers don’t practice the faith will end up practicing that faith!” We pray that dads who know how to give help will have the courage to ask help from a loving Father who sent his Son to show us His great love, and to help fathers on earth to lead their children to heaven. We remember in our prayer those dads who have completed their work on earth. May they rest now in peace with the Father of us all, our loving God, who, in the love of husband and wife, gives us life and teaches us love.