A Message from Bishop Deeley for National Grandparents Day

This Sunday (September 12) marks National Grandparents Day, established in our country as a way in which to educate our youth about the important contributions that grandparents have made throughout history. That has certainly been the case during these months of pandemic. In so many cases, it is grandparents who have helped with childcare, a contribution to family life of great value in a difficult time. The day set aside to honor them reminds us to be grateful for their wisdom and their experience in life. Listening to them gives us lessons in living. For us in the Church, grandparents are often a source of great grace. They help pass on our faith in the love of God. In my conversations with young people, they often speak of what they have learned from their grandparents and how important the influence of their grandparents has been on their own commitment to living their faith. Grandparents hold a very special role in the handing on of our faith, including the generous way in which many help with tuition for their grandchildren to attend Catholic schools in Maine. They know the importance of drawing strength and hope from the relationship they have with God in Jesus Christ, and we can truly be grateful for that witness. Let us appreciate, and affirm, the gift of grandparents who remind us, in their own sharing, lives, and love, the true meaning of faith.