A Message from Bishop Deeley on the Celebration of Labor Day

On Labor Day, we are provided with the opportunity to reflect on the importance of work in our lives and in our world. As Pope Francis has said, “Work is fundamental to the dignity of the person. Work, to use an image, ‘anoints’ with dignity."

All who work deserve to do so in safe conditions and to be paid a just and living wage, giving them the means to support themselves and their families, the foundation of society.

Labor is necessary for the healthy development and stability of our communities. A workplace that operates with integrity contributes to the global good, both through the products or services it provides and by providing the means for workers to use and develop their God-given gifts.

With St. Joseph, a carpenter by trade, as our guide, may we strive to use our talents in service to others, and may the Lord bless all workers, helping them to find meaning, enrichment, and security through their work.