All Saints Catholic School in Bangor Receives NEASC Accreditation

BANGOR---All Saints Catholic School (pre-kindergarten through eighth grade) in Bangor has received institutional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The accreditation was announced to the school community during a Mass kicking off the school’s celebration of Maine Catholic Schools Week on Sunday, January 29.

NEASC accreditation is structured in a self-study report featuring input from the entire school community as well as a peer review that is completed by a visiting committee of education professionals and experts. During the accreditation process, the visiting committee commended All Saints for its “HEART-centered approach to forming every child of God.” HEART at All Saints stands for high academic standards, eucharistic identity, acts of service and leadership, respect, and the joy of Catholic traditions.

“This was abundantly evident in the care and concern shown for the students and for the opportunities they have to experience Catholic faith and culture throughout the day,” said Daniel Ferris, the NEASC’s director for accreditation and school improvement.

The NEASC also commended the school for its commitment to making “generous service to others an essential component of the students’ education.”

“This accreditation validates what we already knew about All Saints Catholic School and the special individuals who teach our students,” said Matthew Houghton, principal of All Saints. “We provide high quality, Catholic education where students grow beyond the classroom in such areas as values, pride, respect, responsibility, and most importantly, serving God and others.”

“The purpose of our schools is to educate the whole person of the children who participate in these centers of educational excellence,” said Bishop Robert Deeley. “All Saints successfully helps our young people to see the incredible gifts they possess and the responsibility they have to share those gifts with others. Our Catholic schools, students, and dedicated staff members truly bring hope to our world.”

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