A New Year's Message from Bishop Deeley

Happy New Year! I hope the past few weeks have been a time of celebration and created cherished memories for you and your loved ones. As we embark on a new year, we would be wise to be guided by Mary, whose solemnity we celebrate on January 1 under the title of Mother of God.

The past few years have brought much sadness, confusion, and division to our nation and our lives. It has been hard to fathom, much less understand. Be guided by Mary. Remember that she did not always understand what was happening to her either. Her response was to prayerfully ask herself how God was acting in her life. In her reflection and prayer, she looked at the way in which God was directing her life through those events. 

In 2023, resolve to do the same. Pray and reflect on your life, its direction, and God’s plan for YOU. Go before God in silence to listen and ponder. What is God’s will for you and how are you being called to serve? As we have reflected on the mystery of Christmas, we have seen that Jesus came among us a child to invite us to participate in bringing God’s love into the world. When we accept his love, seek the good in those around us, and help those in need, we are a part of that mission.

May you know many blessings in the New Year. May it truly be a year of peace.