Mercy Focus on Haiti

Mercy focus on Haiti

Scheduled to visit:
St. Joseph, Bridgton, and St. Teresa of Calcutta, Norway

How desperate would you have to be to feed your children mud? For mothers in Haiti, it happens all too frequently, especially during this coronavirus era.

That's one of the reasons the Sisters of Mercy and a group of volunteers are now working in Haiti. These are the same Mercy Sisters who have been present here in Maine since 1865. 

Here's the problem in Haiti:

  • There's been a long drought
  • Nearly a year of civil unrest   
  • Food costs have doubled
  • And now there's a virus pandemic 
  • Desperate mothers have no food, so they feed their children mud pies.                

Here's the Mercy Sisters' solution:

  •  Help Haitians build cisterns to collect rainwater for crops
  •  Provide good quality seeds for planting
  • Teach good farming methods so Haitians can raise nutritious food
  • Give emergency help to feed desperate families during this pandemic

Here's what you can do:

  • You can sponsor a family for one cistern.....$1000
  • Provide 20 families with seeds......................$500
  • Support a farming teacher.............................$250
  • Feed a family of six for one month................$100
  • Make a gift of any amount
  • Pray for our people in Haiti

Please be generous and support this work of Mercy, and keep the sisters in your prayers.    

Learn more about the work of Mercy Focus on Haiti. The work of the sisters was also featured in January 2019 issue of Harvest magazine.