Daughters of the Holy Spirit

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Scheduled to visit:
Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord, Old Town

The Daughters of the Holy Spirit is an international religious congregation of women founded in Brittany, France, in 1706. Over the course of more than 325 years, their missionary outreach has expanded across five continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.

The Daughters began their Nigerian mission in 1964. Today, there are 73 native sisters serving in five different dioceses in western Nigeria. Their mission is centered on providing quality education to children and youths who make up over 50% of Nigeria's immense population (around 200 million people). The sisters manage multiple schools, run a hospital, provide health care in several clinics, do outreach to many of the surrounding villages, run a rehabilitation center and elderly care facility, offer adult literacy programs (especially for women), and make pastoral visits to the sick and the poor.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought on greater hardships for the sisters and the people they serve. On behalf of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, Sister Jeannine Legere, a former missionary in Nigeria, asks for support to help them with their most urgent needs, such as helping the numerous poor who appear at their doors daily, orphaned children with no financial support, teenagers who are pregnant, those suffering from hepatitis and diabetes requiring medical treatment, and the aged in need of nutritional supplements and therapy. They also need farm tools (tractors, bulldozers, etc.) to help youth prepare for agricultural jobs, and they need resources to provide training for widows and single women so they can support themselves financially.

If you would like to assist the sisters in their mission, please go to the Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord's online giving page and consider making a gift. Learn more about the sisters and their work here.

Sister Jeannine assures us of the deep gratitude and prayers of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your generosity!