St. Peter Church in East Millinocket Closes Month of Mary with Rosary Procession

EAST MILLINOCKET---In commemoration of the closing of the Month of Mary, parishioners at Christ the Divine Mercy Parish, joined by Fr. Dominic Savio, HGN, administrator of the parish, gathered together to offer Mary, the Mother of God, a loving act of homage and veneration (pictures below).

“After the 5:30 p.m. Mass on Tuesday, May 30, Fr. Dominic held a procession of parishioners who recited the Rosary at the St. Peter worship site in East Millinocket,” said Judy Ouellette of the parish. “Matthew Valles, a seminarian of the diocese who will be staying in the parish this summer, participated as well.”

The group followed a truck carrying a statue of Mary adorned with flowers. During May, it is common for parishes to honor the Blessed Mother with May Crowning ceremonies, Rosary gatherings, and other prayer opportunities.

“There was a sweet breeze, and the sun was just setting,” said Ouellette. “It truly was a beautiful event and experience.”

Rosary Procession in East Millinocket
Rosary Procession in East Millinocket