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OLFF Vision

The Office of Lifelong Faith Formation (OLFF) focuses on people and relationships that foster lifelong education and formation for Christian discipleship and living out the Catholic Church's mission >of echoing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, baptizing and making missionary disciples.

Our vision is that

Every Catholic in Maine accepts the gift of faith and wants to keep unpacking that gift for themselves and others, especially through participating in the sacramental life of the Church and serving one another in the world

OLFF general responsibilities graphic

The OLFF team works to realize this vision as we:

  • Encourage and supports parishes in forming all people to answer the universal call to holiness

  • Help parishes promote and strengthen Christian marriage and family life

  • Assist Parish Catechetical Leaders, Youth Ministers, and Pastoral Life Coordinators in their formation and ministry

  • Encourage adult faith formation and catechesis of children and youth throughout the diocese to form the laity in the Catholic faith, relationship with Christ and role as disciples in the mission of evangelization

  • Serve parishes by supporting sacramental perparation, including the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Marriage preparation, infant Baptism, preparation for Confirmation and First Communion, and preparation to celebrate the Sacrament of ReconciliationEngage youth to reflect, demonstrate, lead, celebrate,and stretch as Christian disciples

  • Coordinate diocesan-wide pastoral outreach such as Project Rachel and the annual Men's and Women's Conferences

  • Utilize technology and modern media as evangelization and lifelong faith formation tools, especially as relevant to the lifestyles of today’s Catholics and to address geographic challenges of the diocese

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