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For March Newsletter

Catholic Take on Marriage

52 Ways to Support Married Couples

For November Newsletter

Seasonal Blessings Handout

For the September Newsletter

Self Check Assessment Poster

For the June Newsletter

Option to resume faith formation on parish grounds in June

Bishop Deeley's Pentecost homily on racism and opening our hearts to the Holy Spirit

From the May Newsletter

Month of Mysteries Calendar

Bishop Deeley's special message to catechumens and candidates Click to view video

Notes from Sadlier Webinar presentation on April 2, 2020


Materials for "Solving the Volunteer Conudrum" presentation at March 12, 2020 LFFA meeting


Powerpoint slides

Materials for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in different languages




Prayer from January 9, 2020 LFFA meeting

Litany of Listening (from Abide Keeping Vigil with the Word of God book)

NCYC resources from December 12, 2019 LFFA meeting

NCYC Confession Guide (courtesy of Annie Iacono)
NCYC Avoiding Conflict Handout (courtesy of Annie Iacono)

Letourneau resources from November 14, 2019 LFFA meeting
360 Evaluation Sample
Powerpoint Slides
Steve's Habits & Practices