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Engage Parents, Form the Family

Engage Parents, Form the Family June 9, 2018 Workshop

RESOURCES from Leisa Anslinger

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handout iconCore Commitments Handout

Spiritual Needs Survey available from Catholic Life and Faith through December 2018


"The Catholic Family: 21st Century Challenges in the United States" research findings from Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), 2015.


growing young "Why Do Millennials Leave Church and What Makes Them Stick " Video summary of the Growning Young study from the Fuller Youth Institute

growing an engaged church book

Gallup engagement research is reported in a book entitled Growing an Engaged Church



Catholic Life and Faith website

Strong Catholic Family Faith multi-diocese website of curated resources

Workshop sponsored by the Office of Lifelong Faith Formation with help from a grant from Catholic Foundation of Maine


We all know the importance of parents in the faith development of their children. Many of us share a concern that many parents are not engaged in their children’s catechesis; it seems like many are not engaged in their parish or in a lively and growing faith at all. How can we engage parents in ways that will help form faith that lasts a lifetime?  Explore how everything changes when we engage parents  to form their children partnering with them and leading the family to living and lasting faith.

Workshop Presenter:
Leisa Anslinger is an author and frequent presenter at national and diocesan conferences, as well as parish leadership retreats and missions. She is the director of Catholic Life and Faith, a center for pastoral leadership development..Leisa and her husband, Steve, are the parents of two young adult children, Mike and Carrie, and grandparents of two.