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Walking with people preparing for sacraments during Covid-19 outbreak

This page last updated April 30, 2020 4:30pm

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Initiation with Adults

TEAM RCIA  What to do with elect now that baptism is postponed; Creating Sacred Space amidst sorrow (video); How to continue forming elect, catechumens, candidates

Video message to Catechumens and Candidates - God Longs for You - from All Saints Parish in Guilford, IN

Live Lent weekly Scripture resource for individuals or small groups from Renew International (scroll down page to download each week)

Initiation with Children

From OLFF customizable parent guide for Reconciliation, Confirmation, First Eucharist prep during quarentine

5 Ways for Parents to Prepare Children for First Holy Communion article from Teaching Catholic Kids

Together in Jesus Confirmation/First Eucharist Program bonus resources from Pflaum

Sacrament of Initiation Learning Stations
Loyola Press offers a free learning stations lesson plan packet for 12 stations designed to help children explore the signs and symbols of baptism, confirmation, and eucharist through hands-on learning.


First Reconciliation


Restored Order Confirmation


First Communion



Infant Baptism