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Children Ministry

Having introduced them to the person of Jesus Christ within the family, catechesis for school-aged children presents his teachings, his ministry, and the major events of his life.

- National Directory for Catechesis, p. 205

Pastoral Directives to Guide Catechesis with Children
From the National Directory for Catechesis

  • Be able to understand children, communicate with them, listen to them with respect, be sensitive to their circumstances, and be aware of their current values
  • Recognize that children have a dignity of their own and that they are important not only for what they will do in the future, but for who they are now
  • Encourage them to know and respect other cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic groups
  • Understand that the child's comprehension and other powers develop gradually, and present religious truths in greater depth and propose more mature challenges as the capacity for understanding and growth in faith increases
  • Provide experiences in which they can live faith and apply the imagination, as well as intelligence and memory
  • Provide experiences that link Liturgy and catechesis and promote appreciation for the community celebration of the Eucharist Stimulate not only exterior but interior activity - a prayerful response from the heart
  • Foster a sense of community that is an important part of education for social life

For Older Children

  • Assist them in the praxis of observing, exploring, interpreting, and evaluating their experiences - the presence in today's society of many conflicting values makes it all the more important to help young people to interiorize authentic values
  • Emphasize that growth in faith includes growth in the desire for a deeper, more mature knowledge of the truths of faith
  • Present private prayer as a means of "individual reflection and personal communication with God"