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Prison Ministry

Prison Chaplaincy

The Office of Institutional Chaplains directs the chaplains who serve in all the hospitals and correctional institutions operating in the State of Maine. If you have a question for the office, please contact the Diocese of Portland at 207-773-6471. Please visit the Office of Health Care Ministry, Archdiocese of Boston for several publications with concern to chaplaincy (

                Charleston Correctional Facility:
                Tel. 207-564-2842

                Downeast Correctional Center:
                Patricia Phillips-Doyle, chaplain
                Tel. 207-822-2733

                South Portland
                Long Creek Youth Development Center:
                Deacon John McAuliffe
                Tel. 207-822-2733

                Maine State Prison:
                Deacon Robert Curtis & Phyllis Curtis
                Tel. 207-593-0754

                Maine Correctional Center
                Deacon Frank Chambers
                Tel. 207-893-7000