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Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry oversees all Catholic campus ministry to higher education (students, administration, faculty and staff) at the public and private residential colleges and universities in the Diocese of Portland.

The ministry has various forms: a "center" or "club" or "council" of students, with a campus minister and/or priest chaplain. On some campuses, a shift is underway, whereby campus ministry is being entrusted to a local parish and pastor (“parish-based” ministry).

The Diocesan Coordinator is Rev. Wilfred Labbe, pastor of the diocesan university parish, who maintains an office at the University of Maine, Orono at Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish / Newman Center, 83 College Avenue.

Tel: 207-866-2155 Fax: 207-866-4543 E-mail:


The Campus Minister at Bowdoin College, the University of New England, and the University of Southern Maine is Joy Segovia. She may be reached at