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Luis Sanclemente

Luis Sanclemente

Hometown: La Coruna, Spain

Current Residence: Wallagrass

Home Parish: St. John Vianney, Fort Kent

Age: 43

Wife: Julie

Family: Luis and Julie have four children

On his call to the diaconate:  "My call really was about helping the priests with parish ministry and (being) able to serve the people."

On his diaconal ministry: "I am to bring the diaconate with me to all aspects of my life."

Current employment: Vice president at Acadia Federal Credit Union

Hobbies: Goalie for a men's recreational hockey league. Luis also enjoys cooking, movies, traveling, and sailing.

Luis' Journey:

Luis was born in La Coruna, Spain, where he spent his early childhood years.  His family moved to Canada when he was nearing the end of grammar school

Luis says faith was always a central part of his household.  "Everything, really, that we talked about, everything that was discussed, sooner or later, it came back to faith," he says.

He attended Thomas More College in Nashua, NH, and that is where he met his wife, Julie.  After they got married, they settled near her hometown, Fort Kent.

Luis became active in the life of the parish. He and Julie have been involved in marriage preparation. He has volunteered in the RCIA program and baptismal preparation, and he has served as sacristan, eucharistic minister, and lector.

It was a question from Father Wilfred Labbe, pastor at the time, that first led Luis to think about the permanent diaconate. At the time, however, he had two very young children and thought the commitment would be too much. When Father Jim Nadeau became pastor, he encouraged Luis to give it another look.   Although there was not a deacon class starting at the time, Luis decided to join the Loyola Institute for Ministry Extension Program (LIMEX), being offered in partnership with the diocese, and pursue a master's degree in theology. About two years in, the bishop decided a new class of permanent deacons would begin, and Luis applied.

Luis says there have been ups and downs during his formation, but he is better because of it.

"The more I learned in the master's program, the more I realized what I didn't know. The more I got called to help with knowledge and assistance, the more I felt completely, I'm not worthy of this," he says. "I feel I'm called because he wants me to go there."