History of Our Lady of the Lakes Parish

Our Lady of the Lakes Church was built in 1908, primarily through the efforts of Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby. A convert to Catholicism, she was authorized by letter from Bishop William O’Connell (dated July 23, 1906) to accept donations “with a view to a chapel in the Rangeley Region.” Collecting funds from residents and tourists, and using land given to her by the railroad company, she spearheaded the construction of the church.

The first Mass was celebrated in the church on August 30, 1908, by Father Ambrose H. Barry. On September 30, 1908, Bishop Louis Walsh visited the newly built chapel. He would later bless the church on August 15, 1911. He wrote in his diary at the time, "Chapel was in good condition, ready for the Blessing and splendidly equipped."

An overview of the church and its history can be found in its Centennial Celebration Booklet.  Short histories of each of the churches in the parish can be found here.