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Statement from Bishop Deeley on Assisting Asylum Seekers in Portland

As our community works to welcome hundreds of asylum seekers to Portland, I wish to offer ways in which Maine residents who are looking to assist in the efforts can help.

Please remember that these individuals and families are filled with anxiety and fear about what will happen to them.

This time of grave difficulty for some of our brothers and sisters calls us to show our concern and solidarity, answering our baptismal call to serve the most vulnerable among us, regardless of whether they are born in America or are new arrivals.

To offer financial assistance:

  • text “EXPO” to 91999;
  • call (207) 775-7911;
  • send a check to: City Manager’s Office, Room 208, 389 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101 (write “support asylum seekers” in memo field); or
  • log on to

Please join me in asking God to protect all new arrivals in their travels. May they find a loving and welcoming people in our country, and may our kindness and care make us worthy of the refuge we all find in the Lord.