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Saint Stanisluas of Szczepanów

St. Stanislaus of Szczepanów - Feast Day April 11

Saint Stanislaus was born in Szczepanów, Poland, on July 26, 1030, the only son of noble and pious parents.  He was educated at a cathedral school in Gniezno, then capital of Poland, and also in Paris. 

Following his ordination as a priest, he was given a canonry in Kraków and became known for his preaching, which is said to have brought about the conversion of many.  He was named Bishop of Kraków in 1072.

Saint Stanislaus was known for his outspokenness, which included speaking out against injustices by King Boleslaus II.  When the king refused to change his ways, Stanislaus excommunicated him. The king retaliated and had Stanislaus convicted of treason and sentenced to death. King Boleslaus himself carried out the sentence when soldiers refused to do so.  Stanislaus was killed on April 11, 1079.  Some reports say he was celebrating Mass at the time King Boleslaus killed him.

Not long after, the king was forced to flee the country.

Stanislaus was canonized by Pope Innocent IV in 1253.  He is one of the patron saints of Poland, especially venerated in the Diocese of Kraków.