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Missionary Childhood Association

The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) is one of the Pontifical Mission Societies. It was founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin. The main purpose of the MCA is to bring the love of Jesus to all children and to teach children about the needs of all children throughout the world.  The MCA is currently present in 110 countries, doing evangelizing work and providing general assistance to children in need. Funds raised through MCA are used to bring educational resources to children all over the world as well as health and nutrition programs. 

One of the most popular ways to promote the MCA is through the recitation of the World Mission Rosary.  By sharing the rosary with others, we can bring the light of Christ to even the darkest places.

The MCA also provides online educational resources for children of all ages, including World Mission Rosary videos:

(Grades K-8)  World Mission Rosary for Elementary School Students

(Grades 9-12)  World Mission Rosary for High School Students and Youth