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Message from Bishop Deeley for World Marriage Day

On World Marriage Day, we celebrate married love whose enduring power comes from the total gift of self a man and a woman give to each other. In celebrating this day, we remember that God, in Jesus, is always with us and with his help and grace assists us in all our efforts to live the love he calls us to give to each other. The Eucharist is the greatest sign of God’s love for us. It is the source of the grace that married couples seek in order to deepen their love for each other and carry out their vocation of bringing God’s love into the world. Marriage takes patience and perseverance, but by making the Eucharist a central part of this vocation, married couples remind themselves and their families that life is not about “me” alone. It is about “us.” Marriage, and its inherent permanence, is made stronger when it is grounded in prayer, particularly the Eucharist. As we celebrate marriage, we pray for all married couples that they might grow in love with each other with the help of God. On this special day, we thank married couples for the witness of their love and commitment.