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Maine Catholic Churches to Ring Bells on Easter Sunday at Noon

Gesture of Solidarity to Bring the Faithful Together in a Time of Separation

PORTLAND---The Diocese of Portland is encouraging all Catholic churches in Maine that have bells to ring them on Easter Sunday, April 12, at noon. The ringing of the bells is to celebrate Christ’s victory over death and the promise of eternal life as well as offer the community of faithful a shared experience after spending Holy Week apart due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The idea came from a faith-filled woman in Hartford, Maine, who had grown tired of watching traditions being forced to take a year off.

“It’s like the children’s cartoon with the Grinch. Even though he took one thing after another away, the townspeople still came together and had Christmas,” said Sybilla Pettengill. “Well, this year, COVID-19 is the Grinch, but we can still have the beauty and joy of Easter.”

Each church will decide the length of the bell ringing, and other denominations and churches are encouraged to join the initiative by ringing their bells as well.

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