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Healing Prayer Service in Lewiston

September 25, 2020

All are invited to gather for a healing prayer service at Holy Cross Church, located on 1080 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, on Friday, September 25, at 6 p.m. Fr. Michael Sevigny, OFM Cap., parochial vicar at Prince of Peace Parish, will preside at the service. To attend, register at or by calling the parish at (207) 777-1200. Social distancing and crowd restriction protocols will be followed at the service.

Slots at a healing service scheduled for September 11 at Holy Cross have already filled up, necessitating an additional date.

Catholics believe that healing occurs during all Masses through the gift of the Holy Spirit. During a healing Mass and service, participants must remain open to the Holy Spirit and invite Him into their hearts in order for healing to take place. The theme of the entire mass is healing, from the celebrant to the music to the participants to prayer team. Every situation is different but most involved say they receive an increase in awareness of Jesus being present and bringing peace and renewed strength.