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A Christmas Message from Bishop Deeley

Christmas has come! The light of Jesus brightens our world with the truth of his message.  He is the bearer of Good News. We celebrate not only a holy birth, but all that this birth made possible. God is with us. Mary and Joseph listened for God’s direction in their lives and were open to God’s will. Like Mary and Joseph, our call is to be mindful that Jesus is truly with us. We live in the hope he gave us. 

As we are reminded of God’s abundant love for us in Jesus, may we also remember to offer help and hope to those in need in our community. Jesus comes in the darkest time of the year with a call to live in his light. His is a message of hope, joy, and love. Carrying that light into the world through our care for one another is the true meaning of both this season and our faith.

May you and your families have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!