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Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children are genuinely capable of hearing and absorbing God’s Word, prayers, and entering into short intervals of silence and reflection. Even pre-school aged children can learn to be active worshippers in church. Many simply need a child-friendly environment where they can practice the skills and rythmns of how the Catholic community worships together. Children's Liturgy of the Word can provide such an environment.


Resources for parish leaders

Introduction to Children's Liturgy of the Word 

November 2021 session led by Georgette Dionne, diocesan Coordinator of Children and Adult Ministries

Principles for the celebration (from Archdiocese of Boston)


Essential Practices

Children's Liturgy of the Word is primarily about prayer and worship. It is not a time for catechesis activities, snacks or games.

Supervising Minors during Children's Liturgy of the Word

Code of Ethics – Diocese of Portland

Protecting God’s Children – Diocese of Portland