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Bishop Deeley Experiences “Day in the Life” of St. Thomas Students in Sanford on Friday

SANFORD---“3,900 points. We did it!” said Bishop Robert P. Deeley as he high fived his fourth-grade teammates after the final tallies from the Bible Jeopardy contest were revealed.

The fun was only starting for the bishop who experienced a “day in the life” of a student at St. Thomas School in Sanford on Friday, November 30 (additional pictures below).

As he stopped in every classroom, Bishop Deeley joined in whatever activity or lesson was in progress.

The bishop jumped into the circle of a spelling competition in third grade; read “The Thankful Book” to the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes; hosted Bible Trivia for both the fifth and sixth graders; played the role of Georgia in a lesson on the 13 original colonies with the seventh and eighth graders; and created a “lost sheep” with cotton balls and glue with second graders, who also sang him a song about the Ten Commandments.

“Thank you!” said the bishop after the song. “That’s great. As you get ready for your first reconciliation, that song can help you think of things you might want to ask forgiveness for. You can remind yourself of things you want to work on.”

Bishop Deeley also stopped by to thank the first graders for leading a morning prayer service on giving thanks.

The children asked the bishop what he would like to give thanks for so they could write it on a leaf and add it to their class giving tree.

“I’m thankful for you,” the bishop told them. “You taught all the boys and girls at the prayer service about being thankful. You are disciples. So I want mine to read ‘Bishop Deeley is thankful for the first-grade disciples.’”

Before departing, the bishop enjoyed a delicious lunch with the faculty and staff, and also received a handmade book about walking in the footsteps of Jesus, a school theme, that was signed by all of the St. Thomas students.