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Appeal 2017 Work Page



Throughout this year of grace, God in his goodness has bestowed on us every heavenly blessing in Christ. With numerous acts of mercy, thousands of faithful have renewed their efforts to be the “Hands of God’s Mercy” in the lives of others. Now our calling is to continue to live out this experience every day.

The Catholic Appeal is a critical part of that calling making it possible for the Hands of God’s Mercy to reach throughout the entire diocese. The work of one person, one parish, is multiplied through more than 20 different ministries to reach thousands of faithful, thousands of those hungry for our faith, those most in need. The Catholic Appeal depends on you and your financial gifts to accomplish this.

Over the coming weekends, you will hear and read about the many wonderful ministries that your gifts to the Appeal make possible: visiting the sick and comforting the sorrowful; feeding the hungry and giving drink to the thirsty; educating children,youth, and those returning to our fold who are hungry for a renewed faith. Your gifts to the Catholic Appeal are at work in ministries like these and many others every day.

As you think about your gift to the Catholic Appeal for 2017, I invited you to seek ways to live the words of Jesus and become the “Hands of God’s Mercy” with your gift. You can spread compassionate acts of love and mercy throughout the diocese so that through our Church, that is, through you and me, the Holy Spirit can continue to heal our world with mercy.

Sincerely in Jesus, our Merciful Savior,

Most Rev. Robert P. Deeley, J.C.D.
12th Bishop of Portland