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All Saints Catholic School Board Member to Bring Messages of Hope from Students to Ukrainian Refugees

BANGOR---Tony Ng, a parent and board member at All Saints Catholic School in Bangor, will travel to Poland next week with a Catholic non-profit group to bring supplies and support to Ukrainian refugees. Tony and the group, Brighton First, will serve in Przemyśl, Poland, right on the border of the two countries and a major transit point for Ukrainian refugees. The team hopes to bring many necessary supplies and do some mental health training, but Tony will have many special items packed for the refugee children: messages of love from students at All Saints.

“I know many others feel and empathize with the Ukrainian people and are frustrated they are not able to do more. This is especially so with children including my son, Jacob, who are witnessing these tragedies,” said Tony. “I am hoping by having kids do these cards, I can at least bring them with me so they can send their messages of support, prayers, and hope to other children. Sometimes these messages are what they need.”